CBx is supported by the UCL Energy Institute and the UK’s leading property and building energy performance organisations.


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“Narrowing the performance gap requires cross sector collaboration, knowledge exchange, research, leadership and data sharing. CBx provides the ideal forum for industry to share best practice and address challenges in delivering efficient buildings”
Alan Hale, FM Technical Advisor, Environment Agency
“Building designers need to become much more familiar with how their buildings work in use. Only then will they understand what they really need to do to improve performance outcomes. ...CBx can help them to do this.”
Bill Bordass, Usable Buildings Trust
“Validating the building operational performance alongside the design specification is essential in achieving smart and efficient buildings. CBx are creating the information repository and knowledge feedback loop to allow  building designs to evolve and deliver informed outcomes.”
Jason Clark, UBS

Our Vision
That every building will perform optimally, in order to deliver a truly energy efficient built environment.
Our Mission
Our Approach


CBx is for organisations and individuals involved in the design, engineering and development stage through to operational management of properties. This includes:

  • Facilities Managers
  • Technology Providers
  • Energy and Sustainability Managers
  • Developers
  • Property Managers
  • Public Sector organisations
  • Architects
  • Engineers