We aim to enable the development of pertinent research areas to further define, understand and resolve challenges in reducing carbon input and improving energy performance across the building lifecycle through our membership and activities. CBx brings together bodies representing the whole building lifecycle under one banner. We provide tailored research as requested to suit the individual requirements of our CBx members and help them in achieving their energy and carbon reduction goals.

Through partnerships with the UCL Energy Institute and other knowledge experts, we draw on their large pool of research and anonymised datasets to produce authoritative outcomes for industry to take forward. This can either be to help achieve the energy and carbon reduction goals of a single organisation, or acting as programme and collaboration manager to connect large organisations, professional bodies and government for identified research areas.

Research methods and outcomes will be captured in research reports, made available to the CBx community to ensure the cross-sector sharing of knowledge and transparency of energy data.


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Our research ambitions are described below. Please contact us if you would like to get involved.

Verifying occupant behaviour
Data & information: improving accuracy & forecasting
Correct approach for metering different building typologies: schools, offices, retail
Developing BIM for end users
Risk limitations for PFI projects across varying building types and technology applications



There is a lack of operational building environmental indicator benchmarks; energy, waste and water across the industry. Current energy benchmarks are no longer fit-for-purpose, with waste and water benchmarks available to a limited degree. Where data does exist, it is being captured using bespoke metrics, held by individual companies and is therefore not available to the wider industry.

The inability to compare peer-to-peer performance and the absence of a robust evidence base limits the ability to understand performance, to communicate the value of efficiency and improvement measures to senior managers and the production of a business case.

The CBx Benchmarking clubs will kick off in the second quarter of 2015 and will run for 15 months, bringing together groups of organisations to regular meetings chaired by a leader in the field, to disclose and share energy, waste and water data. Members will receive reports containing anonymous, peer-to-peer benchmarking figures, capturing progress and including tailored advice and guidance on recommended improvements.

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