The CBx Services offering aims to provide bespoke advisory that improves clients’ understanding and awareness of the building energy performance and helps to narrow the ‘performance gap’.

A partnership with the UCL Energy Institute helps CBx to provide robust, up-to-date knowledge and support for its members through the Institute’s collection of on-going building energy consumption research projects and databases.

The two main areas of focus for CBx services are; benchmarking & improvement of buildings and consultancy and support at specific capital spends such as handover or refurbishment.

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1. Portfolio of buildings: light touch benchmarking
2. Single Building: pre/ post refurbishment and design advice
3. Portfolio of Buildings: refurbishment priorities & impact assessment
4. Single Building: handover management
5. Single Building: full Building Performance Evaluation
6. Single Building: Building Performance ‘MOT’



CBx have also recently completed a high-level benchmarking report for the Environment Agency’s portfolio of 22 office buildings, which has allowed us to identify specific areas of focus for further investigation. By benchmarking the assets against the rest of the portfolio, the highest and lowest consumers have been illustrated and the Agency’s immediate exposure to carbon legislation and costs; the worst performing building across the analysis has been earmarked to target for post occupancy evaluation and energy reduction.

By comparing figures to industry benchmarks, CBx identified problem areas across other buildings; buildings with high gas usage will be investigated for fabric performance, any causes of a high air-change rate that would increase heating demand and the size of any other end use consumption supplied by gas. Similarly, buildings that have been highlighted as having high electricity demand will be examined in order to disaggregate or split the demand into end uses to understand where it is being used. In this way, energy reduction interventions can be targeted, effective and financially viable.

For organisations with large portfolios, this targeted, high-level benchmarking activity is essential to streamline processes and avoid unnecessary work.

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