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Tim Oldman, Founder and CEO at Leesman will be joining our panel of experts for the upcoming "Wellbeing" breakfast event on 5th February. Buildings need to enable a high quality of life for those that live and work in them, with the capacity to enhance health, wellbeing and productivity for their occupants. Design features that promote daylight, visual aesthetics and ventilation are known to have a direct and positive impact on the health and productivity of those using the building. Our panel of industry experts will be defining wellbeing in the working environment, and presenting case studies from organisations that have seen the benefits of implementing a workplace strategy focussed on wellbeing and productivity.

As the Founder of Leesman, Tim sought to offer the property market the first truly independent, unified and standardised pre and post occupancy evaluation tool. The Leesman Index is now broadly recognised as the first initiative to offer clients a dynamic occupier satisfaction benchmarking tool where the absolute consistency of data collection provides an ever richer resource of comparative benchmark data. As CEO, Tim is responsible for the creative and strategic development of the Leesman brand here and internationally and for exploring the opportunities to develop parallel focused products for the Higher Education and Healthcare markets. 

On the day, Tim will be asking "Are sustainable buildings really sustainable?", reflecting on the findings of the data gathered since 2010, 50% of which is now from geographies outside the UK. Leesman now have over 75,000 respondents, 690 locations surveyed in 46 countries. The findings from the ongoing data consider how the shared resource model compares with traditional workplace effectiveness and whether any isolated indicator can properly appraise the economic efficiency of corporate working environments.

Don't miss your chance to hear from Tim, along with our other speakers:

  • Peter de Bie, CEO at Ipsum Energy
  • Richard Francis, Principal at The Monomoy Company
  • Richard Reid, Associate - Building Performance & Systems at Arup