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In 1989 John set up Environmental Treatment Concepts Ltd, which pioneered the use of electronic water conditioning to solve problems and reduce costs associated with hard water scaling. More recently, attention has started to focus on the improvement to closed cooling and heating systems, and improving waste water treatment by electronic conditioning. A company that is set out to solve clients’ issues with hard water, rather than simply selling boxes, put the company ahead of everyone in this field, a position it has maintained now for over fifteen years.

John’s original training and experience as an engineer in the Royal Navy has led this technology to gain support from UK government awards from Dec in both 2013 and 2014. An award of £226,000 by Innovate UK resulted in developing new products to improve de-watering of wastewater effluent and provides massive reductions in coagulants and polymer. Furthermore, a shared award of £90,000 of Innovate UK funds with the University of Portsmouth on a 2 year Knowledge Transfer Partnership aims to better understand the many facets and mechanisms of using frequencies that have dramatic effects on Water and other fluids. These Awards will ensure Environmental Treatment Concepts Ltd continues to stay ahead in the understanding and development of this exciting emerging technology.

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