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On the 10th - 11th November, CBx will be up in Manchester at the Buildings & Energy Efficiency Expo. Our team will be hosting and leading a variety of seminars across to the two days ensuring there is something to peek your interest! Check out details of our seminars below...

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Northern Powerhouse Debate - 10th November, 10.30 – 11.15, Central Debate Area

The Northern Powerhouse is a piece of legislation aimed at allowing the North of England greater devolved power and more control over its economy, specifically for the cities of Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Sheffield.

The proposal suggests giving these Northern cities power over transport, investment in science and innovation and creating a mayoral post for each city. The main aim of the legislation is to rebalance the UK’s economy, and bring the North up to the same level as London and the South East.

Chancellor George Osbourne has championed this bill from the very beginning and has repeated committed himself to it. In his budget, he even created a ministerial position for it, currently occupied by James Wharton MP.

No one can deny that the North is in need of stimulation, and that the current focus on the region is justified. But what does this policy mean for the North? And can this development happen in a truly sustainable and low carbon way?

Sustainable construction & development, energy efficiency and innovation are as vital a part of the North as they are anywhere else in the UK, so does the Northern Powerhouse commit to these notions?  At Greenbuild Expo and the Buildings & Energy Efficiency Event we plan to host a debate to discover exactly that.

At this debate we want business owners, developers, organisations, local authorities and representation from Government to present a vision of a sustainable northern economy, a North that leads the way in terms of biodiversity, renewable power generation, energy efficiency measures and eliminating fuel poverty.

If you would like to contribute to the debate by taking part or attending our show, then either email bee@hamerville.co.uk, Tweet us @B_EEonline or visit www.beeexpo.co.uk to register for the show.

Occupant Behaviour: How do we define occupant? - 10th November 14.00 – 14.30, B&EE

Sophie Chisholm, CBx Programme and Technical Manager will discuss the need to accurately define the ‘occupant(s)’ in a building before developing a behaviour change programme. Learning outcomes from both the domestic and the non-domestic sectors have highlighted that a programme should not be viewed as a temporary intervention but more like a journey towards business as usual. Useful evidence for commercial application can be drawn from the detailed market research performed in the domestic sector and new software coming to market should be utilised to free up potential energy stewards ‘on the ground’.

More attention needs to be paid to procuring value-add M&E contracts with more training given to engineers. Default schedules can also be pivotal in the energy consumption of a building and specifications should look towards set-up for energy efficiency and being amended in response to occupant complaints.

The trend towards increased information in the hands of occupants and the potential consequences of that exposure will likely lead to better engagement in energy consumption from both landlords and tenants. Although there is potential to view this as a risk to asset value or company reputation, there are huge possibilities for the development of robust, tailored benchmarks for industry in the exercise and therefore disclosure should be embraced, not feared.

Data Disclosure and the Performance Gap11th November 12pm, B&EE

As a not-for-profit public forum for professionals focussing on the performance gap, CBx sees data sharing and robust benchmarking as the main tools to help close this gap. In this seminar Sophie Chisholm, CBx Programme and Technical Manager, will discuss their benchmarking activities and research including findings from their Benchmarking Exercise at the 2Degrees Energy Performance Summit.

Recent research on the make-up of the ‘performance gap’ will be outlined. This will include the UCL Energy Institute’s methodology for apportioning the performance gap into the ‘procurement gap’ and the ‘operational gap’ by using the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) as a basis.

Finally, as a sponsor of the B&EE awards, CBx will cover the drivers, barriers and opportunities to energy disclosure and benchmarking and discuss trends in responses to this year’s award entries.