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Past Event

Date(s) - 04/05/2017
8:00 am - 10:00 am


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  • Julian Sutherland, Partner at Cundall
  • Dr. Paula Morgenstern, Building Performance Manager at BAM Construct UK Limited
  • Alan Fogarty, Sustainability Partner at Cundall
  • Dr. Craig RobertsonHead of Sustainability at Allford Hall Monaghan Morris


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Post Occupancy Evaluations (POEs) have been promoted within the industry for over a decade as a vital tool for understanding if the design intent has been achieved for the end user. While POE provide the necessary feedback loop to refine and improve on future building design, it appears that the uptake of POE is low and still a suggestion rather than a requirement. So what can be done to improve the uptake this tool?

Join us at this CBx breakfast briefing to hear 3 speakers from across the industry discuss the importance of POE, how this can improve energy, cost and productivity efficiencies, and hear real life examples of where POE has implemented and the technology that can help.