BLOG: Demand Side Response

Demand Side Response

By Levent Gürdenli, Senior Associate at Bird & Bird
Our energy system is undergoing a transformation. The transition to a cleaner, smarter and more flexible power system could provide benefits to consumers of up to £8 billion a year by 2030[1] by running [...]

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BLOG: Demand Side Response

Demand Side Response

By Erica Hall, Technical Manager at CBx
Demand Management / Demand Response / Demand Side Response, these are variations on a single theme – incentivised load shifting to balance Grid capacity. DSR provides an opportunity for customers to play a significant role in reducing [...]

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BLOG: Unveiling the Industrial Strategy

Unveiling the Industrial Strategy

By Sunil Shah, Director at Acclaro Advisory
Unveiling the Industrial Strategy in January, the Prime Minister spoke of the need to develop the skills in order to deliver on the expectations of the major new investment to be rolled out. The level and scale [...]

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BLOG: Recurring Industry Themes

Recurring Industry Themes

By Emma Bleach, Programme Manager at CBx
CBx were invited to speak at the Majority Energy Users Council in early March to discuss the research around existing heat networks, and contribute to the panel discussion around the role of facilities and end-users. [...]

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BLOG: CBx Research Post-Launch Opportunities

CBx Research Post-Launch Opportunities

The launch last Thursday of our report on how to improve the performance of existing Low Carbon Heat networks brings to an end Phase I of this CBxchange research project. Our breakfast launch event at the Bird & Bird offices in London [...]

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BLOG: Opportunities for an oversized heat network

Opportunities for an oversized heat network

By Patrick Elwell, Sustainability Analyst at CBx
A network can be classed as oversized when the installed heat capacity is greater than the heat demand. This can happen for a number of reasons such as poor network design to changes [...]

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